Using open-source WordPress to build websites makes creating, editing and updating websites much easier. Webreturn also hand-code websites in HTLM5 and PHP, using CSS3 stylesheets and making use of JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap code libraries.


Webreturn is the trading name of Derek Townsend, who established the business in 2003. Derek’s unique background in computer programming and print was augmented by Open University and other training courses such as CIW Professional.

Derek has considerable skills and experience in all aspects of web development, but often works collaboratively with other creatives, designers, developers and UX / UI professionals.


When Webreturn started in 2003 the web was well established, but still in its infancy. Big agencies were charging big fees for churning out copycat websites, and ecommerce was beyond the reach of most small businesses.

Derek spotted an opportunity to provide web services to smaller companies, offering high quality websites while keeping costs down by working from home.

Things have changed a lot since them, not least Internet speeds, but Webreturn’s focus is still on smaller business, still working from home and still providing quality service and value.



ethos + environmental sustainability

Apart from the business fundamentals of honesty, treating clients fairly, keeping costs down wherever possible, and providing good support, Webreturn aims to run in a sustainable fashion.

reduce ⋅ reuse ⋅ recycle

Working from home, as many people have found out during the Covid-19 pandemic, has distinct advantages in reducing emissions.

  • no commuting – lower car use so lower carbon
  • using your home’s residual heat – no need to heat an additional premises

In addition Webreturn use energy efficient computers and peripherals, and our electricity supply is entirely from renewables.

We refurbish / reuse old equipment where possible, and donate to charities, most recently for Positive Action in Housing, Glasgow.

Any paper used is ECF/TCF and all waste is recycled. Electronic waste that is beyond re-use is recycled in a local e-waste facility.

green web hosting

One of the many criteria for selecting web hosting companies is their energy policy and I am very happy to endorse Krystal who not only provide the best web hosting services and support, but also source all their energy from renewables. 1&1 Ionos are another hosting partner who are committed to using renewables where possible.