Don Williams

Don Williams

Sad day today hearing about the passing of Don Williams after a short illness. Don was one of the true greats in the music business, genuinely talented, hugely popular, yet deeply private, almost reclusive. What stands out in his music is a deep sense of humanity, emotional understanding for fellow people around the world. He truly was a “Gentle Giant”, a man of peace and understanding. He is very popular in places as diverse as Africa, Ireland, UK and his native USA.

I was honoured to be involved with designing and managing Don’s websites since 2011, and also his social media profiles, and have managed these in collaboration with his management, record companies, tour companies and merchandisers. I have also designed websites for some of Don’s support acts over the years, and worked on publicity graphics and cd / merchandise artwork for Don. Don retired from touring in March 2016, but interest in him and his music continues to be very high. His website traffic and facebook page continue to get huge numbers of followers and he has clearly touched many through his music.

I am not a fan of the inherent misogyny and racism in some country music, and I think the industry has some serious identity issues, however Don Williams and his music cut through all that to something more simple and human, well done Don.

Rest in peace Don, I never met you, but I am proud to have known you. May your music and spirit live on forever.

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