The death of Flash

I was asked yesterday to have a look at why an interactive seating map was not working. A quick look confirmed that it was Adobe Flash based, and the client was using browsers that did not support Flash.

Digging deeper, I notice that Adobe have announced the “end of life” for Flash in 2020. Once supported by over 90% of web browsers, Flash was once the go-to technology for web animation and interactive content. The writing was on the wall for Flash when mobile web browsing became mainstream, and Steve Jobs denounced it in 2010.  Apple iOS has never supported Flash and Android has very limited support by default.

I used Flash extensively from 2003 until about 2015. Will I miss Flash? Yes, I could do things in Flash which are much more difficult any other way. I have not explored Animate CC, Adobe’s Flash HTML5 replacement, but I doubt it will be as capable or as easy to use. That said, Flash was a proprietary technology, not a web standard, and much Flash content on the web was pretty naff, maybe the web has moved on from spinning logos and glowing text..

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